Co-founder and partner at Findasense, a global Customer Experience company with consultancy, agency and technological integration capabilities with customers like L’Oreal, The Coca-Cola Company, Kimberly Clark, FOX, Huawei, Warner, Lenovo, Banco Santander, Electronic Arts, IE Business School, Orange and Bayer, among others.

After 10 years leading Findasense, he is currently taking a year-long sabbatical to research new trends.

He abandoned his sociology studies to focus on his ventures into the digital transformation of companies. Over 16 years of experience, he has helped more than a dozen Internet start-ups to expand internationally. He later graduated from the prestigious OPM at Harvard Business School.

He has eminently international experience, having worked and lived on four continents

Lorsch is Argentine-German and currently lives in San Francisco’s Bay Area. He is a member of the Silicon Valley chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, one of the most influential organisations with over 10,000 entrepreneurs from 48 countries.

Lorsch’s successful professional career has included a development focusing on areas such as the international expansion of start-ups, transformation and digital marketing, customer experience and the design of people-focused organisations. However, he is currently researching unconditional love, the creation of a sacred space at the intersection of art, conscience and technology, blockchain and its social impact, the future of psychoactive medicine, social innovation, sustainability, design, intentional communities and exponential technologies.

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