Findasense’s people. The Findasensers!

We have become a responsive organisation thanks to our people. Self-management and holacracy were the first steps towards an organisation that puts the integrity of people at the centre of things and ensures that our purpose is evolutionary.

We only hire people who can show that they set personal targets for their lives. Our people live in a pull culture, not a push one.

It is an enterprising and frugal culture of continuous improvement and learning, of collaboration and transformation. Frugality is important. We don’t spend money on anything that doesn’t contribute value to our customers and employees.

CX Innovation Leaders

We have over 300 Innovation Leaders of 20 different nationalities: agents for positive change, responsible and visionary socialisers.


We promote an openmulticultural and fun working environment where we reward innovation, collaboration, flexibility and commitment to our customers and internal company matters.


Data scientists, geeks, technicians, readers, bloggers, influences, entrepreneurs, theorisers, followers, travellers, superfans, researchers, youtubers, communicators, creators and co-creators.